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Getting Started on eBay

You’ve probably heard about how much money can

be made on eBay. With dreams of quick riches and

easy money, you are probably ready to jump in with

both feet right now! The best thing you can do if

you are serious about making money with eBay,

however, is to slow down. In fact, just stop for a

minute. Don’t rush straight in. Take your time, and

do it right.

eBay has over 100 million members. Think about

that number for just a minute or two. When you get

your eBay business set up, that is how big your

customer base will be instantly. 100 million people

– 100 million people who are just waiting for you to

get set up and running so that they can throw money

at you! Well, not quite. It is true that there are over

100 million members, but at this point, they don’t

know that you exist. In fact, no matter how well you

do on eBay, most of them will never know that you

exist. 100 million is a very large number.

The most successful eBay sellers started out as

buyers and you should too. This will give you a

sense of how everything works. It will also show you

how things are from the buyer’s side of the fence.

Let’s call this period of time ‘consumer research.’

You are literally studying how eBay works, from a

customer’s point of view. You may not realize this,

but this eBay buyer experience will

actually make you a much better seller right from

the very start.

Really pay attention to the customer service you

receive from the buyer. Think about how you want to

be treated as a buyer, and take notes. Take your

time during this process. Interact with the sellers.

Get involved in hot auctions to see what they are

like. In your spare time, start making notes about

the hot items that you see. These notes will come

in handy later.

eBay works just like any other business. You have

to determine what people want to buy before you can

hope to be successful. There are very specific items

that sell really well on eBay you just have to figure

out what those items are. There are many

resources for finding out this information. Start with

the lessons that eBay offers to their sellers.

Strongly consider attending the eBay University as

well. This is the next step in the process. After you

have had the eBay buyer experience, it is time to

learn how to be an eBay seller.

Read all of the information eBay provides for you at

the site. The information is free and you will learn a

great deal from it. Take full advantage of this before

you start setting up your first auction or your eBay

store! By reading through all of the resources, you

will avoid making numerous mistakes that so many

before you have made. This is another step towards

building a successful eBay business. Once you’ve

made it through the learning process, you should

know everything you need to know to get started

with a money making eBay business of your very


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