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Shipping eBay Items to Customers

If you stock the products that you sell on eBay, as

opposed to drop shipping, you probably spend a

great deal of time and money shipping items to your

customers. If you are a big success on eBay, this

could quickly become a problem. Organize your

shipping practices before they get out of control!

Keep stamps, packing materials, and boxes on

hand. You can have these items delivered to you,

which will save you a lot of time. Use large padded

envelopes instead of boxes whenever possible. These

envelopes are easier to handle, and usually cheaper to

purchase. Furthermore, they often weigh just a little

less than cardboard boxes do, which will save a bit of

money on the postage. Purchase stamps and packing

materials online. Not only will you save time, you will

save money as well.

If you ship a lot of packages, purchasing your own

set of postage scales will increase your efficiency

the expense will more than pay for itself. Other items

you should invest in include a rubber stamp, label

printing software, a good printer, and labels. Either

use a stamp for the return label, or keep a large

stock of pre-printed return labels. All you need is a

plan and a little bit of organization to successfully

ship your eBay items.

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