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Sometimes, search engine spiders don’t visit your site even after it has been up for a month or too. Or sometimes the site is listed on a search engine, but then taken down. In either case, it is time for the web site owner to submit or re-submit the site to a search engine. This process isn’t overly difficult, but there are some guidelines web site owners should follow in order to ensure success. We’ll be going over where you can submit sites, how to submit sites and how to re-submit sites.

Where can I submit my site to, There are literally hundreds of different search engines which you can submit your site to. We’ll go over just 5 of the most popular ones here.


Google is definitely the most popular search engine around, as it is used by millions of people each day. You won’t usually have to manually submit sites to Google, as their spiders are pretty good about finding new sites. However, you occasionally will have to do this. It’s pretty easy and we’ll go over the process later in this newsletter.

Yahoo Search Engine

The second most used search engine around, the Yahoo! Search engine is pretty easy to use and has lots of good features. It is easy to submit to.

Lycos This is an easy to use search engine with lots of the same features Google has. Again, usually you don’t have to manually submit sites here, but sometimes you do. Luckily it’s easy, fast and effective.

AllTheWeb This is yet another popular search engine with quite a few features. Lots of people use this search engine, so it’s definitely worth it to submit your site.

Altavista While not as popular as it once was, Altavista still receives many of visitors seeking to use the search engine. It’s a good idea to submit your site to Altavista.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should submit your site not just to the well-known search engines, but also to the smaller ones as well. The more your site is listed, the more visitors you are likely to get.

How do I submit sites, Submitting sites to search engines is really easy. You’ll just go to the search engine’s site, click on “Submit a site” and then fill out the necessary info about your site. There are some things you should keep in mind, though. Here’s a short list for reference.

1. Don’t brag too much about your site. Remember that people are reading your submissions and approving them. If they see “this is the best site ever!” in your site’s description, they probably won’t be impressed. In fact, it might even keep them from approving your site. Be modest.

2. Provide an accurate description of your site. If your site is about sports, for example, talk about what sports your site covers.

3. Make your description as concise as possible. People who are looking at your submission don’t have time to read through a big, long description.

4. Don’t submit or re-submit your site if all pages aren’t complete. Search engines don’t like incomplete sites, so it is pointless to take the time to fill out the form for submission if your site isn’t completely finished.

With that having been said, here are some quick links to search engines which you can submit your site to:
Yahoo Search Engine:

How to Re-submit sites

Before you try to re-submit a site, take the following into consideration.

1.Has it been at least a few weeks since you originally submitted the url, 2.Was your site pulled from the search engine because it had content on it that was deemed inappropriate, If so, you should reconsider re-submitting your site, as it will only get pulled again if it has bad content on it.

If it has been several weeks since you submitted your site, or you believe your site was pulled from the listings accidentally, then you should re-submit the site. To re-submit the site, all you have to do is follow the same process as you did when you submitted the site before.

Search engine submission is fast and easy. If your site isn’t listed on the search engines, take a minute to manually submit it. It’ll help boost your traffic!