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The eBay Shipping Center

eBay wants to help sellers with every aspect of their

eBay business. The eBay shipping center was

created to help ensure that you get your items to

your customers in a timely manner, in the most

efficient and economical way possible.

The eBay shipping center will help you print shipping

labels, help you figure shipping costs, and even help

you with International shipping. Shipping information

for all of the major shipping companies, including the

USPS can be found through the shipping center. You

can even purchase insurance for packages that will

be shipped by the USPS directly through the shipping


One of the greatest features of the eBay Shipping

Center is the ability to order free co-branded shipping

boxes for USPS shipments. These boxes are

delivered to you, at no cost! This will cut a great deal

of your shipping expenses because you won’t have to

purchase your own boxes! There is also a great video

that will teach you how to save time and money on

your shipping, and whether you are a buyer or a

seller, you can easily track your packages through

the eBay shipping center as well.

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